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Thinking of rewiring your home or building?

★ Before you call us think about where you want appliances, lights switches and outlets, when rewiring a home it is possible to locate them almost anywhere you want.

★ Look in your basement, crawlspace and attic. Is there lots of stuff in there? Could you fit in those spaces? We need at least 18" of crawlspace under the house. If your house does not have a crawlspace and/or attic, plan on having the walls cut open 2 feet up from the floor and the ceiling will be cut open across ceiling joists.

★ Call us for an estimate we will check out your service equipment and verify that your wiring is in need of replacing.

★ It is more economical to rewire unoccupied buildings because cutting open walls to fish wires causes dust and noise. Rewiring is a big job and a big commitment to a home. Try scheduling us during a vacation trip.

★ The process can be done in one week for most older homes.
We do rewire occupied homes however it is slower and therefore increases the cost.